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Mi almacén• Cristián Galaz (46), dueño de Yes Market

My store• Cristián Galaz (46), owner of Yes Market

“4 years ago, we opened our store in Quilicura. I decided to start a business after working for nearly 25 years in banking. I started with a beauty salon, which I sold before the social explosion, and there I bought the keys to a tiny Minimarket. With that, and with the fundamental support of my wife Karen Ríos, Yes Market (@yes_market_kcml) was born, a place that I always thought of as something modern, very American style.

For us, Yes Market is a gem: a beautiful and clean space that responds to what people need. We bake BredenMaster bread every morning and afternoon, and we have a contest -called La Tomboleta- with customer tickets, where we give prizes to people every month. That gives additional value to what we do, even if it means spending a little more personal money.

We receive all kinds of people: neighbors, students, professionals and people passing through. That's what I like about working in this area, contact and communication with people. I am also interested in surprising them with our products and giving them a good service, made with love. I feel that, although this is an old job, we have a great opportunity to innovate and grow, with better services and new stores.”

Cristián Galaz (46) owns Yes Market (Las Torres 191, local 2 and 3, Lo Cruzat corner with Las Torres) and is part of our network of Warehouses in BredenMaster, whom we accompany in the development of their business.
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