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Mi almacén • Deisy Ruz (39), dueña del local “Mis Hijos”

My store • Deisy Ruz (39), owner of the store “Mis Hijos”

“We have had this place for 8 years with my husband. We come from a family of merchants, and although we worked for years as shop assistants in other areas, we decided to become independent and set up this space. Actually, the business is a family enterprise, because, as its name says, my two children are also involved.

Our clientele is varied, because where we are is a neighborhood, both university as residential, being at the exit of the subway. I remember that in the pandemic, since people were more at home, more merchandise was bought, while now, with the offices, that has diversified and we sell a little of everything. Here we mainly have groceries and sandwiches that we make with BredenMaster bread.

I think the main thing in business is to have a good deal. Sometimes, they do not believe me that I am Chilean precisely because of that kindness that we try to have with the people who come here. We change them simply -if they come with 10,000 bills, for example-, we receive them at breakfast and we are attentive to their needs. That is our seal.”

Deisy Ruz (39) is the owner of Mis Hijos (Avenida Libertador Bernardo O'higgins 1868, local 2; Santiago Centro) and is part of our network of Warehouses at BredenMaster, whom we accompany in the development of their business.
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