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Mi almacén • Paula Morales (46), Minimarket La Otra Esquina

My store • Paula Morales (46), Minimarket La Otra Esquina

“We have had this business since June 2019. It started because my husband and his mother had a place where we worked, but at one point we wanted to become independent and start something of our own. We looked for another place, and we found this space.

In terms of money, it has helped us a lot because we have daily income that did not exist before. Still, sometimes it's relative. There are times when we see ourselves with debts up to our necks and we have to accept no more. The good thing is that you can manage your schedule, although we try to be responsible with our clients so that they know that, coming here, they will find us.

For my children -I have 3 children-, I am in the local in the morning, because in the afternoon I dedicate myself to them. Thus, I can reconcile parenting in a good way. I used to work in a laser hair removal clinic, a more traditional drawback, which didn't allow me that flexibility to see them.

My clients are quite varied because, on the one hand, there are departments. In addition, the SAPU Aníbal Ariztía and the PDI are in charge, so the people who work there also arrive. What sells most at BredenMaster are the muffins and donuts that are a hit at breakfast. Obviously, bread is also the most popular thing because when we bake it, it is warm.

I think that everything I have learned throughout my life, I have used here , especially what I know about customer service. It has helped me to be available to those who come to the business and receive them well. That has us with a loyal clientele, because not everywhere there is that environment. We always try to have a conversation in between. The idea is to have a bond from the moment the person sets foot in the store so that they keep coming for longer.”

Paula Morales (46) is the owner of Minimarket La Otra Esquina (La Otra Esquina). Quebrada 9401, Las Condes) and is part of our network of Warehouses at BredenMaster, whom we accompany in the development of their business.
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