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Mi almacén• Roberto Pou Besson (46), dueño de Fresh Market

My store• Roberto Pou Besson (46), owner of Fresh Market

“I came to Chile from Venezuela, like many compatriots, looking for new opportunities. I came alone, after ending a marriage that lasted five years. We had different life projects, so I had to start from scratch. When I arrived in this country, I was alone, without a network of contacts. I'm a business engineer by profession, but I started out working in a restaurant. It was a strange experience, because it was very different from what I did in Venezuela. I knew that nobody knew me and that this was a good opportunity to understand how the market worked in Chile: what was eaten, what was drunk and how the suppliers responded.

When I managed to have my documents, I began to apply for jobs more related to the area of ​​sales and marketing, and it went well. I worked in big companies, but I was always interested in having a secure income for my expenses. Thus, 6 years ago, Fresh Market was born. Today, I am 100% dedicated to this, giving it my head and enthusiasm to better understand the local market. For example, I have found that my customers love the BredenMaster bread that we bake. And we have a little trick, which is to spray it with a little water before putting it in the oven and that difference has made a mark in the sector.

Having my own business fills me and I feel at home. Since I started my formal working life I have been involved in warehouses, so for me this is very rich. I love to see the products, clean them, get the prices, talk to the suppliers. I feel very in my own.

Roberto Pou Besson (46) is the owner of Fresh Market (San Pablo 1531, Santiago) and is part of our network of Warehouses in BredenMaster, to whom We accompany you in the development of your business.
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