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A celebrar • Días de picnic

To celebrate • Picnic days

Deciding to go on a picnic is deciding to go out and celebrate. To celebrate big events or just a nice day. Although within the menu there are certain essentials such as hard-boiled eggs and sandwiches, the great grace of the picnic is that it allows all kinds of ingredients and preparations to which it is enough to add a little ingenuity so that they adapt to this modality. Here are some tips:
  • Freeze bottles of water or juice and then take them along with the rest of the preparations. This will not only allow the products to arrive fresh, it will also be the way to have something cold if the day is very hot.
  • Another refreshing alternative for dessert is to opt for bagged frozen fruit such as strawberries, sour cherries, blueberries or cherries. You can also take our frozen donuts, which will be ready for you to enjoy when it's time for dessert, or our muffins in any of their varieties.
  • Prepare sandwiches. wrap them in paper and tie them with string so they don't fall apart before you start eating them.
  • For salad lovers, a good option is to put them in jars. One tip: layer it, leaving the green leaves as high as possible so they don't get soaked in the dressing.
What can't be missing in your picnic basket? Tell us!
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