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A celebrar • Los berlines

To celebrate • The Berliners

The Berliners

There is nothing better than eating a Berliner! Whether at a birthday, family event or meeting with friends; This sweet has become a classic when it comes to celebrating. And it's not about big events. Berlin is a good companion to celebrate the simplest things.

Although this sweet is a classic of German cuisine, over time its production has spread to various Latin American countries. Filled with pastry cream, delicacy or jam, it is a must in Chilean celebrations, because it is so versatile that it can be eaten and prepared in all kinds of situations.

We invite you this time to celebrate Halloween with our Berliners! It's a great alternative that just needs a little creativity. Because, in addition to being rich, this cake is easy to prepare and obtain. The idea is to try to decorate this sweet to be in tune with the festivity, trying some things that we have at home. You can, for example, sprinkle flower sugar using molds of ghosts, witches or pumpkins; or assemble a frosting allusive to the festivity of orange, black and purple colors. And voila!

Because great reasons are not needed to celebrate, let's celebrate that Berlin exists!

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