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A celebrar • Tabla dulce de donuts summer, muffins, berlines y medialunas

To celebrate • Sweet table of summer donuts, muffins, Berliners and croissants

When you want to treat yourself and enjoy yourself, making a sweet table can be a great alternative to share with friends or family.

Rich, easy and versatile, this preparation allows satisfy that mid-afternoon sweet craving or be an excellent ally at parties, birthdays, or social events.

For this table to be entertaining and pleasing to the eye, you must choose a base and place some striking product in the center so that it is the protagonist. In this case, our Donut Summer.

Add muffins, Berliners or croissants, along with delicacy or chocolate sauces. The idea is to accompany it with smaller elements to keep the proportions of the table. They can be cookies, marshmallows, fruits, chocolates, gummies, goats.
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