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Historia: Papá que cocina

Story: Dad Who Cooks

Paul Jullian (46) speaks about cooking for his three children

“I started cooking when I was 16 because I really like food. I remember that the first recipe I learned was pancakes and from then on I started playing with it: putting them in the oven or making cakes. Later, that taste spread to the masses and now I cook fresh pasta and lasagna.

I come from a family of 7 siblings, so I learned from my mom's homemade food school.

Since my children were born I've been cooking for them. I never liked store-bought colados, so every day I made their vegetables and mixed them so they ate well. The kitchen has been transformed into a space to meet with them. When they're bored they tell me: 'hey, let's cook something' and that means they want dough to play with. My middle daughter is the biggest fan, and when we walk into the kitchen, she dresses up as a chef and proclaims herself the best helper.

At first it was difficult for me to involve the children in the kitchen, because they left me the broom with the dough and I had to put everything back together. But, in the end, you realize that it is a very enriching space because you begin to get to know them and see them in their development: how they think and how they concentrate. This is my moment with them”

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