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Marcelo Corral, panadería San Mari.

Marcelo Corral, San Mari bakery.

“I started this business in March. One day I was having insomnia because I had a lot of problems at work, so I got up and went to the living room to think about what I could do. For a long time I had the idea of ​​starting a bakery. It was something that gave me spin.

I had never worked in this before, but in the gastronomic field. I studied Gastronomy and when I finished I went to work in different hotels in Santiago, Antofagasta and also in Buenos Aires, where I had to do everything. I was about 12 years in it, but I got bored because of the schedule. At one point I worked 20 hours a day.

With the idea of ​​setting up a bakery, I went to the Real Estate Portal to look at stores around here in Huechuraba, where I have lived for 4 years. At this time I had never found a place to buy bread, so I said to myself: 'it can't be that I just don't have enough'. And indeed, it was.

We named the place San Mari Bakery in honor of an aunt of my wife named Sandra María. She was like a surrogate mother for both of them and last year she passed away. At San Mari we sell everything: bread, donuts, croissants, muffins, lemon pie, carrot cake, profiteroles, mendocinos. And in this time, seeing customers every day, I have realized that there are four most important times: breakfast, where people take a roll; the 11 o'clock schedule, where the workers go down to get coffee and croissants; lunch, where people buy empanadas or sandwiches; and eleven o'clock, when people come to look for bread for the night.

It's super enriching to be here, because I've met most of the clients. Many come every day, so we know our names, we know their children and their dogs. Unlike gastronomy, where everything is against time, here it is more relaxed. I have no problems with anyone and I do what I want.

Marcelo (42) is the owner of Panadería San Mari (Avenida Del Parque 5275, Huechuraba) and is part of our network of Warehouses at BredenMaster, whom we accompany in the development of his business.

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