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Mi almacén• Ariel Jimenez (35), dueño de Rapidito Minimarket.

My store • Ariel Jimenez (35), owner of Rapidito Minimarket.

“All my life I have considered myself an entrepreneur. My story started 15 years ago, when I set up shop outside the Irarrázaval metro station with a slushie truck. It went well for me, but then I changed jobs because I wanted to try new things, so I opened a merchandising company and then an event production company.

Until I moved to Brazil. There, with some partners, we opened a restaurant bar that had to close due to the pandemic. Although the business did not work out, there I met the love of my life and now, in Chile, I reinvented myself with her. It's been 10 months since we opened Rapidito Minimarket (@rapidito_minimarket) and, after all the road traveled, I finally feel like I nailed it. It's wonderful, because you feel that the road traveled was worth it.

I think there is only one great secret in this, which is to do what no one else does. In Chile, that means offering the best possible customer service. It is accompanying the grandmothers with the bags, celebrating the birthdays of the people who come to buy, learning the names of the children and pets. Because we want our customers to feel happy and that is something we aspire to every day. Attention with love is the DNA of this business.

Another of our hallmarks is hot bread, and in this BredenMaster has been a key ally. It is something very simple, but people look for it. There is nothing like eating a delicious hallulla bread with butter. We bake all afternoon, little by little, so that it is always hot. And everyone loves it: kids, dads, grandparents. It is a transversal taste, which makes this a perfect formula.”

Ariel Jimenez (35) owns Rapidito Minimarket (Lincoyan 1188, Ñuñoa) and is part of our network of Warehouses at BredenMaster, whom we accompany in the development of their business.
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