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Mi Almacén • Carlos Inostroza (50), Top Market.

My Warehouse • Carlos Inostroza (50), Top Market.

“We are a new place. We opened an unusual day, in which people do not want to work and are in a celebration switch: January 1, 2022. Opening that day was a strategy, because we knew that everything was going to be closed and we thought it was a good way for people to get to know us.

Like many locals, this is also a family business. Although my wife works on her own, this project belongs to both of us, because her family had a bakery, so there was previous experience. For my part, I was a logistics manager for a technology company and I was laid off during the pandemic. I took a long vacation and, after thinking about it, I decided to get into this.

The truth is that I worked for about 28 years in the same company. I started from a young age doing the practice and I stayed until I was 50 years old. After so much time in the same thing, I thought that I didn't want to go back to that, because I was tired of working for an external company. I wanted to undertake something of my own.

In this time that I have been attending, I have realized that it is more work than I imagined. You have to put a lot of effort into it, especially in a neighborhood where there is established competition. Here there are families that have been selling for decades, so getting people to differentiate us implies spending more time on the premises and also dedicating time to listening to customers. This interaction has been enriching because, with their suggestions, I am realizing what they need. As the saying goes, 'to know how much the bag weighs, you have to load it,' and that's what we're at for now.”

Carlos (50) owns Top Market ( Manuel Montt 1575, Providencia) and is part of our network of Warehouses at BredenMaster, whom we accompany in the development of their business.
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