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Marcela Venegas (56), almacén Blanqueado.

Marcela Venegas (56), Whitewashed warehouse.

“I have always been a very dedicated person to work. I started when I was very young, at 11 years old, when I realized that I had to help at home. My mother was single and she had no financial support other than mine, that she was the oldest of 5 siblings.

That business started in 1996, but 9 years later my mom passed away from cancer. For me it was terrible, because we spent the whole day together in the bazaar. To this day I miss her. She taught me everything I know and thanks to that, I became the person I am.

After a while, I started this store. I had always wanted to put one up, especially when I realized that the bazaar was already getting too small. My mother's grandchildren grew up in the house where the business is located, so now they all come older with their buses and children who come to ask for things to eat. It became a family gathering space and I love that, because they mean everything to me.

Even though I'm a little tired, I still work hard. I can't be still. I like it because I am independent: I open and close at the time I want, although I am open even for Christmas and New Year. Plus, I feel like it helps me stay active. The day I stop doing this, I'm going to get there.”

Marcela is the owner of Blanqueado (Quinta Normal) and she is part of our network of Warehouses at BredenMaster, whom we accompany in the development of her business.

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