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Mi almacén • Marcelo Villaroel (33), dueño almacén Que Panzza (@quepanzza)

My store • Marcelo Villaroel (33), store owner Que Panzza (@quepanzza)

“This place was born in 2017, after a period of unemployment. Although I had previously worked in the warehouse business, at that time I was working as a pizzeria manager and because of the hours I felt tired.

Initially, we started small. We sold kneaded bread and empanadas made by us. That's where people started to get to know us.

In 2020, I partnered with two more people and we decided to change locations. That was when we incorporated more products and started working with BredenMaster, which allowed us to incorporate more pastries and sheet dough. Now, we have bread, cakes, pizzas and pastries. Our clients are mainly neighbors, but also people who are passing through. Also, since there are schools nearby, a lot of clients come to us from there.

With this experience I have realized how difficult it is to be independent. This requires being with all your energies and I like it because it allows you to project yourself in the economic sense and have a close relationship with people. In a daily relationship.”

Marcelo (33) owns Que Panzza (Lo Barnechea 1625) and is part of our network of Warehouses at BredenMaster, whom we accompany in the development of your business.
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