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Mi Almacén • Pedro Arellano (53), Ali Market.

My Store • Pedro Arellano (53), Ali Market.

“This place left 7 months ago, as a result of the pandemic because with Barbara, my partner, we lost our jobs. She was a broker and I was an account executive at a bank. Without thinking too much about it, first we set up a food store and then we set up this Minimarket.

During the toughest times of the pandemic we implemented the delivery system because sales weren't going too well . It was a slow thing, which changed when we contacted Bredenmaster to bring us their products. It was a great investment because they supported us with a large clientele, although I must admit that at first I was a little scared.

This change of field has been super enriching, because although I had been used to working with the public, having my own place changed my system. I like working here and providing good service: serving people with quality. In addition, it is less stressful than the bank, although responsibility is still required because everything depends on one. It is a commitment that must be fulfilled.

In general, we serve many people who work in retail because we are in the center of Valparaíso, where there are many stores. But our idea is to be transversal and receive all kinds of public. And we have something for all tastes: from 100-peso cookies to some more expensive ones. That has led us to have diversity. My idea is to open a Minimarket in Viña del Mar and grow.”

Pedro (53) owns Ali Market (Aldunate 1627, local #2, Valparaíso) and is part of our network of Warehouses at BredenMaster, whom we accompany in the development of their business.
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