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Ricardo Aubel (58) • Almacén Plaza Market.

Ricardo Aubel (58) • Plaza Market Warehouse.

“For 30 years I dedicated my life to the world of construction, but one day I reached a point where I said ‘no more’. I wanted to find a fun business, one that was collaborative, where I could have more support. Ground what he did to make it more human. That's why, with my wife, we thought of a grocery store and we bought this minimarket.

That change of direction did me a lot of good. I think it was the right decision because, with this, I can do other activities during the day associated with my profession without much commitment and without the anxiety of meeting a deadline. I feel like somehow the warehouse came to slow me down.

One of the things I like most about the business is that it creates a very close bond with people. I feel that people do not go out of necessity, but with some there is a connection beyond: they open up, talk and tell us things about their lives. Although we are in a neighborhood with a lot of movement, there are always those instances that are very pleasant. They are close topics and it is a warm space”.

Ricardo (58) is the owner of Almacén Plaza Market (1 norte 2263, Viña del Mar) and is part of our network of Almacenes in BredenMaster, whom we accompany in the development of their business.

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