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Sabías que • Día de la comida sin gluten (Pan de queso)

Did you know that • Gluten-free food day (Cheese bread)

Like every year, today, January 13, the world day of gluten-free food is celebrated. A protein that is found in cereal seeds -such as wheat, barley or oats- and that allows you to make a lot of preparations, such as breads, sweets or pasta.

However, this ingredient is not a good ally for everyone, since many and many people do not have the ability to digest this protein in their digestive system and begin to present adverse reactions, related to celiac disease or the sensitivity to this protein.

A gluten-free diet is an excellent alternative to manage these symptoms, which are often expressed by abdominal pain, bloating or constipation. For this, it is essential to maintain a balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat and dairy products, as well as gluten-free products.

Now, when it comes to treating yourself, our cheese buns are an excellent alternative, as they are not only gluten-free, but also have an exquisite flavor that is perfect for appetizers, breakfasts or simply! as a snack! Made with the original recipe from Brazil.

Have you tried them yet?

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