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Receta salada • Sándwich en pan amasado con omelette (Para 2 personas)

Savory recipe • Sandwich on kneaded bread with omelette (For 2 people)

• 2 BredenMaster loaves
• 4 eggs
• ½ large avocado (or it can be 1 small avocado)
• Salt to taste
• 3 tablespoons of butter (you can also do it with olive oil)

1. Defrost the kneaded loaves for 30 minutes and bake them for 2 to 3 minutes. Once ready, let them warm up and open in the middle.

2. Prepare a pan for the omelets and another to toast the breads.

3. Peel the avocado and cut into slices.

4. Put two eggs in a bowl and beat slightly until the yolks are mixed, add salt. Heat the omelette pan, add ½ teaspoon of butter, when it melts add the eggs, spreading, when it starts to cook, loosen the edges with the help of a spatula and begin to roll up to shape the omelette. Then let it cook for another 2-3 minutes and repeat with the other 2 eggs.

5. In the other pan, melt the rest of the butter and turn the buns upside down, until they are nicely browned. Remove from the heat, put the ready omelette on top of each base, then the avocado slices. Cover and serve.

Extra tip: you can add chives or ham to your omelette if you want to give it a touch.
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