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Recetas saladas • Rollito de pan de molde

Savory recipes • Sliced ​​bread roll

Without a doubt, we all look forward to the weekend. That moment where you can rest, sleep until later, and also make yourself a breakfast with more time and calm 🥯☕🍎

That's why at Bredenmaster we have an excellent idea, to make this weekend and give a touch of love to your loved ones. These are sliced ​​bread rolls, stuffed with cream cheese and ham, with a touch of chives.

Simply cut the bread into strips, fill it with these ingredients and roll it up to shape them. You can accompany that with a tea, coffee or juice. And that's it!

(2 to 3 people)

• 5 slices of BrdenMaster mold
• 100 grams of cream cheese
• 10 thin slices of ham
• 1 tablespoon finely chopped chives

1. In a bowl, mix the cream cheese with the chives, stirring well.

2. Cut the edges of the loaf. Use each sheet, flattening very well, until it is thin.

3. Spread 1 tablespoon of cream cheese on each slice of bread, top with 2 slices of ham. Roll up the bread squeezing well and sticking the edges with the cream cheese so it doesn't open. You can also help yourself with a cocktail stick.

4. Cut each roll into 3 or 4 portions, then serve.

*If you want a touch of flavor, you can add pepper to the cream cheese mixture.
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